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    Lightroom 5.6 does not run following latest CC Photoshop 2014 and Bridge updates

    Stephen Ormrod

      I am running Creative Cloud Photography on OSX 10.9.4. Yesterday I updated Photoshop 2014 and Bridge using the CC desktop app as prompted by CC. Since then Lightroom does not run. When I open it the blue intro screen flashes up for less than a second. To try and recover I have uninstalled Lightroom (5.6) and re-installed it several times using both the CC app and directly from the Adobe website. The result is always the same. I can find nothing about this on Adobe Support although I can find others who have had the same symptoms on a web search. Their solution was to re-install Lightroom from the web site but that hasn't worked for me.  I had Lightroom installed before I went to CC and before CC included Lightroom in the Photography package. Does anyone understand this issue and can you please advise me what to try next? Many thanks.