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    Camera profiles for Nikon D810 reveal posterization

    Foo Fighters

      The following profiles included with LR 5.6 & ACR 8.6 reveal noticeable posterization with the Nikon D810 RAW files.


      Camera Standard

      Camera Landscape

      Camera Vivid

      Camera Monochrome


      For more details, there's a large discussion of the issue on DPReview.com, here


      Additionally, shadow detail recovery in LR & ACR is less useable with the D810 RAW files. I am forced to use Nikon's Capture NX-D for better shadow recovery with accurate camera profiles, which significantly slows my workflow, as I prefer to do all imports and edits through LR & Photoshop overall.


      As a point of reference, LR & ACR's handling of D800E RAW files is wonderful; however the D810 RAW handling is not quite there yet. On the D800E RAW, I'm able to move the shadow slider significantly, revealing more detail with no compromise to image quality. On the contrary, shadow recovery in the D810, using LR 5.6 & ACR 8.6, is less forgiving; increasing the slider will sometimes affect other elements of the image, producing a less pleasing result.


      It would be be greatly appreciated if Adobe could address these issues in an upcoming update.