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    InDesign CS6 crashes upon launch


      For the past few months, every time I open InDesign I get two error warnings:


      1. Cannot load Indents and Tabs.InDesignPlugin because it requires Text Ruler. Please install the Text Ruler plug-in and restart InDesign.
      2. Cannot load RunIn Styles Panel.InDesignPlugin because it requires Find and Change Panel. Please install the Find and Change panel plug-in and restart InDesign.


      Clicking OK to each of these prompts an opening a new document, the program appears to work OK, but as soon as I click on a tool and click on the page I'm working on, InDesign promptly crashes and tells me to send an error report.


      I have been getting by just fine using InDesign on the test account of my Mac and haven't run into any of these problems, but its a pain to switch back and forth all the time.


      This all started when I updated InDesign a while ago... It's incredibly frustrating made even more so by the fact that I can't communicate directly with anyone at Adobe about the problem.




      – Sad Design Student