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    Using a jQuery list box placed onto a tab control doesn't seem to work for posting?




      I developed a U.I. in Dreamweaver for a  product and have several list boxes that use the onChange modifier to collect what the user selects from the list. I use the onChange=this.form.submit() function to grab the user's selection from the list box..


      When this dropdown list box code is placed onto a form, it posts properly and I can retrieve the user's list selection.  If however I place the list box code onto a Tab page from a jQuery Tab Control, developed in Dreamweaver, the posting doesn't seem to work.


      I must be missing something because identical code is working fine when the list box code is placed on a form yet when the code is repeated from within a Tab, it isn't working.


      The code is simple, and shown below).  The list values are coming from a MySQL table.


      $MyQuantity_query="SELECT * FROM Quantity_Table";
      $MyQuantity_Result=mysqli_query($cxn,$MyQuantity_query) or Die ("Cannot connect");

      echo"<select name='ThisQuantity[$RowCounter]' value='ThisQuantity[$Rowcounter]' onChange='this.form.submit()'><option value='-1' selected>Qty</option>";
         echo"<option value='$Qty_Number'>$Qty_Number</option>";


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.