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    Composition and gotoAndStop

      Hi there,

      I'm trying for days to make the timeline of a programmatically instanced movieclip change, without any success. EVERYTHING works, all the event handler methods, all the traces I did to try to find out the context (scope) of the timeline, except for those gotoAndStop functions!!!

      Supposing that, inside a "myClip" class, I write a "clip_mc" property and attach a movie to it using "clip_mc = clipTarget.attachMovie(id, name, depth);" in the constructor (of course, I'm leaving types and other things outside for the sake of this message), how can I do this movieclip go to another of its frame??? I can't find a way to reference it, because all of the "this.clip_mc.onRollOver = function()" work, except for the timeline control!!!

      Guys, please, help me, it's making me nuts!!! Thanks a lot!