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    adobe cloud-a shot in the foot <no question/issue to resolve - kglad>


      I have been a user of Photoshop since CS2. I have purchased Adobe's over priced software over and over again. At one time, there was no other solution. Times have changed and Adobe needs to get involved with changing times. This transition to the "cloud" is in my opinion a ridiculous move and Adobe has shot themselves in the foot . When I buy any  piece of software, I learn it and use it and make the decision if and when I want to purchase full revision upgrades, based on what Adobe or the author offers as an upgrade.  Kind of like buying a car. I imagine this cloud move is to thwart piracy. However, there are many other pieces of software out there now  that are well under $100. Like OnOne Perfect Photo Suite, Corel Paintshop Pro,  Photoshop Elements, Gimp (totally free), and many others. If Adobe would stop trying to sell their single Million Dollar glass of lemonade, and instead sell a million glasses at $1.00, we would all be happy; no piracy, everyone could afford software.


      Please Adobe, rethink this strategy and lower the cost of your software and you would simply sell more. Just like the lemonade .


      Make Photoshop CS6 $99.95 , skip the cloud, and the sales will come.