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    Making a PHP News Reader

    samuels2921 Level 1
      Hello, How can I make Flash Read a PHP News Like http://www.raven-symone.org/updates/show_news.php .

      lntxt is my text area

      I came up with this code but its not working
      myData = new LoadVars();
      myData.onLoad = function() {
      lntxt.text = this;
      myData.loadVariables(" http://www.raven-symone.org/updates/show_news.php");
      myData.load = function(success) {
      if (mydata.load) {
      trace("text loaded");
      } else {
      trace("text failed loading");

      P.S. I cant list any variables within the PHP file becaue its not mines, Im trying to use that PHP URL (" http://www.raven-symone.org/updates/show_news.php") as a RSS.