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    Can I "redesignate" the location of my images in Lightroom?


      Using LR over the years I have ended up with a rather clumsy storage scheme. I have been primarily storing my images on a NAS and importing them into LR as wanted (referencing them at their current location on the NAS). I now have many images imported into LR but still located on the NAS.


      My NAS images are secondarily backed up to an external hard drive that connects via USB 3.0 to my desktop computer. It is an exact sync between the NAS and the USB drive, so at all times their content is identical.


      It is now clear to me that I should be primarily storing on the USB drive and secondarily backing up to the NAS because accessing the USB drive through LR is much, much faster than accessing the NAS.


      Because the file structures and content for image storage are identical on the USB drive and the NAS, can I somehow redirect LR to the USB drive as the primary location of my images without destroying all the links in my catalog file?


      Thanks for your help.