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    Trouble viewing my PDF the same way it appears in InDesign




      I designed a document in InDesign - the document has a cover page, multiple facing page layouts, and landscape layouts. The document is only made up of images. My problem is that initially I created frames that stretched across a facing page spreads, which I placed landscape images in. This was okay once I exported it and figured out how to set the page view to two page cover. However, people who do not have Acrobat may see it has separate single pages which splits my landscape images in half. Since I am sending this to perspective clients, I don't want to have to provide directions about how to set the correct viewing options.(I adjusted the page properties in Acrobat, however, I am worried about people using Preview as their viewing option). Next, I went into InDesign and disallowed my facing page layouts to scatter, and then doubled the width of the page for the landscape images so that they only fill up one page. This looks perfect on InDesign as I can view it document by spread and not just pages. But, when I export it to a PDF I can only view it as single separate pages, or when I press two page view, some of the facing pages are broken up and attached to the wider landscape pages. If anyone could please explain the best route to fix this problem, whether it is changing settings in Acrobat in the page numbers, or adjusting the file in InDesign, it would be extremely helpful. Thank you very much!