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    Not able to synchronize files


      I have a pc and work with Windows 7. I have upgraded to Dreamweaver CC 2014. I work on two different sites. I tried to synchronize files in one of them and It doesn't work. The other other works. I have used this troubleshoot page from Adobe Troubleshooting synchronization problems in Dreamweaver (Mac OS and Windows) and it doesn't work.


      When I tried to synchronize the problem site I get the following "no synchronization is necessary..." I know that I have files that need to be uploaded to the server and therefore need to be synced. Any help with this will be great. This should not be hard. I don't know why I cannot find the solution. I also went to forums but they were not helpful. They want me to reinsltall the programs? That seems too much, specially when I can sync one of the sites. Thanks.

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          WAandDFS Level 1

          I posted this message 2 weeks ago and have not gotten an answer to this problem. Is there anybody that can help? A staff member, perhaps?

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            subhadeep_banerjee Level 4

            Hello WAandDFS,


            Can you try the following steps:

            1. Delete the problematic site in question, after pushing out all changes to server. (Take a backup of it somewhere)

            2. Create a new site definition and define an empty folder for the local source.

            3. Pull in all changes from the server.


            After this you should hopefully not see any synchronization issues. If you still do, we are here to help.


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              WAandDFS Level 1

              Hi Subheadeep

              Sorry for my delayed reply. I was out of the office. I did what you said and didn't work. Do you have any other trick under your sleeve? I will appreciate greatly. Rosy.

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                Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You can upload recently changed files by clicking the fly out menu in the upper right corner of the Files window and selecting Edit > Select Recently Modified to select all files edited within a certain date range. You then click Put to upload those files to the server.


                It's faster than hand selecting them or uploading one at a time, at least until your issue gets sorted out.

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                  WAandDFS Level 1

                  Thank you, Jon Fritz. I have been doing that, but I consider it to be a temporary patch. I like to use the Synchronization feature because I depend heavily on the preview feature that shows me all the files to be uploaded. It is easy then to sort among only those files, the ones I need not upload. Thank you for your input and for trying to help me.