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    Spry width = auto

    Ehd24 Level 1
      I cannot seem to figure out how to get my spry menu to go the entire width of my page. I've tried auto, positioning and the exact page with as a value and nothing will work. Bullfrog

      This is killing me. Any suggestions!

      Thank you,
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          Try looking at the ul.MenuBarHorizontal and ul.MenuBarActive in your SpryMenuBarHorizontal.css file. This is the overall width of the menu. In my case I chose to use pixels instead of the ems that it inserts with.
          Then, you will probably need to adjust your widths for the ul.MenuBarHorizontal li style entry. This is the width of the individual list items (menu buttons).

          It worked for me. Hope this helps you.

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            Ehd24 Level 1

            I tried changing numerous properties in each of those rules (including using pixels) and still cannot get the spry menu bar to be centered with each bar bleeding to their respective sides of the page. I've tried positioning width as auto as well as an exact value but nothing.

            Is there anyway to change each individual menu item without changing the group and not using the width as "auto"?
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              A little late, but try this for your problem.