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    InDesign CC vs InDesign CS


      Hi, I use InDesign CS at work for all my publication documents.  I will be working from home on a project but do not have the funds to purchase the InDesign CS6 outright.


      I noticed InDesign CC and was wondering whether this would solve my problem; however, I have been informed that when I use files in InDesign CC, I cannot use these in InDesign CS6.  If this is the case, I will be creating another problem for my work files as nobody else can then access that file - eg annual reports, etc.  I generally create the InDesign CS file, PDF it and then send for publication.  As this is a very time consuming job and one cannot concentrate fully with the interruptions at work, I decided if I had InDesign at home, I could work from home.


      Does it mean these are - in fact - to be viewed as two 'different' software packages that don't talk to each other?  Any suggestions, please?


      Thanking you in anticipation of any advise offered.


      Thank you