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    Bug in CF11 regarding Query of queries syntax?


      So I have decided to try CF11 because of an official outstanding CF10 bug.


      Once I installed CF11, I get an error when running code like this:


      <cfquery name="LOCAL.stat_questions" datasource="#APPLICATION.dsn#">

           SELECT     survey_questionID

           FROM     tbl_survey_questions




      <cfset LOCAL.this_statID = 1>


      <cfquery name="LOCAL.subset" dbtype="query">

           SELECT     survey_questionID

           FROM          [LOCAL].stat_questions

           WHERE     survey_questionID = <cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_numeric" value="#LOCAL.this_statID#">




      The error I receive is: "Query Of Queries syntax error.
        Encountered ";. "



      If I remove the semi-colon... No error! Is this a bug, or was the semi-colon always bad, but just ignored?