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    Has the behavior of opening files from the search results changed?


      I just recently updated to..

      Version: 3.0.0

      Build: 290423


      When I conduct a search on my workspace, I get the results based on the matching string. {good}

      When I click on the line item for a particular file from the search (results) panel, the file (File A) opens and the queried string is highlighted. {good}


      Among the search results, are references to other files the string was also found. {good}

      If I click on the line item for another file (File B), File A closes and File B takes its place in the main file edit panel. {bad}


      Previously, "clicked" matches from the search results would open the file and add it in the edit panel as a new panel. With enough screen real-estate I could compare files. However, any file opened now from the search results replaces any previous searched file.


      I hope this is not a bug, but rather just some preference that needs to modified.