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    Auto-trace function not working



      I've been having inconsistent success/fails with using the auto-trace function in AECC14. It works sometimes, then sometimes not...

      Take for instance 3 layers from illustrator- all with extremely similar shapes/values- the first 2 layers auto-traced no problem using luminance channel, tolerance 1, threshold 50, min area 1, corner roundness 5. Apply to new layer is checked.

      The 3rd doesn't want to play nice... I try adjusting the values to force the trace, but I cant even see the preview, if I toggle invert on/off sometimes the preview shows, sometimes not??  seems glitchy? I've tried new comps, new projects. I cant even seem to force the issue, which is where I'm confused. It's random- or at least it seems.


      Working on a laptop:

      OSX 10.7.5

      2.3 GHz Intel core i7

      8GB RAM

      AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024 card

      After Effects CC 2014


      Also using Element 3D (with all updates)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.