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    InDesign CS6 crashes on corrupt document



      Windows 7.1

      Faulting module name: Public.dll


      The file contains a linked XML file, which was my main suspect for the problems, but it seems like the problems remain even when I delete and untag the XML in the structure pane.


      It is a substantial document, with a fairly complex structure: 640 pages in bilingual English - Persian setting, roughly 1000 anchored objects for the paragraph numbers in the margins.


      InD crashes on odd things: adding or deleting pages through the page panel will crash it, but adding or deleting pages through the command Document Setup works. It also crashes on any changes to the styles, which is the major pain at this point, but changes directly on the text still work: I can search and replace all 1260 'Swash Alternates' and it succeeds, but if I delete the style of the Swash Alternates InD crashes.


      I have gone through the motions of the standard troubleshooting process with these results:


      * Deleted the used fonts and tried it with fallback fonts - same results

      * Exported as idml - crash

      * Move pages to new document - crash

      * I have been able to export the English text as Marked Up InDesign text but not the Persian text - which may point to the culprit


      Any ideas how to narrow it down further? Could it be the Persian styles?

      Thanks in advance.



      Message was edited by: Titus Nemeth UPDATE & EDIT: After deleting the full content of the Persian story, I was able to export to idml, so this identifies the error within that story. However I would of course prefer not having to redo the entire makeup, so if there is something else I could try I'd appreciate your input.