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    Behance Plugin for LR not Authorizing in LR 5.6


      I know this was a problem with LR 5.4 and was supposed to have been fixed in 5.5, but I'm running 5.6 and I'm still having issues.


      The Behance plugin in the LR Publishing Manager says I am authorized, but it won't save any changes I make to the service because it says I'm not authorized.


      Trying to publish WIPs, an error message displays saying "Failed to upload a WIP update to Behance: Invalid permissions or request type".


      Also, the Behance site says that no apps have been approved for access to my account.


      I have tried disabling the plugin and re-enabling. I would love to log out of the plugin and attempt logging back in again, but there is nowhere that it says log out. It just says "Log In" which is greyed out and not clickable, and "Sign Up".



      Please Help,