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    Help with large repeating data nodes in source xml file




      I am merging a dynamic ES2 xdp with xml file. There is a row repeating in a table in my form and similarly there are repeating data nodes in the source xml. There are 1700 data nodes in xml file which lead to creation of 1700 rows in the table of my form. Merging/Rendering for this form with xml file takes more than 10 minutes.

      Is there any way that I could improve form opening time? OR is there any upper limit in terms of number repeating data nodes to have in source xml file?


      Need urgent help.




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          Magus069 Level 4

          Hi, I don't know if my idea would be working to save some time on the opening of the form but you could try to have each data nodes to be held in an array to have information saved in background.

          Then you could only display a maximum of rows in 1 page, e.g. 15 rows or 30 rows.

          Have a next page and previous page button on top and/or bottom of the page to switch between the 15-30 datarows.


          If this is a problem you could also have a button to show all rows which could let the user know this may take a few minutes...


          Hope this helps...

          If you need more help, you can send me the form, I might help.