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    Indesign CS6 tech-help!!! please!


      Hi All,


      I really hope someone can help me today.

      I am running CS6 on my iMac, everything was running fine up until i had an issue with a couple of fonts and accidentally deleted my system fonts. (Needless to say my computer had a melt down, luckily i replaced the system fonts and managed to fix it and get everything running as normal.)


      However, now when i open indesign the control palette at the top appears strange. Also pretty much anything in indesign that can have text input or has a drop down box is greyed out and not working or appearing properly. I have attached a picture below to give you a better idea of what i am talking about (in particular the drop down fields).

      Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 7.04.03 pm.png

      I have deleted my prefs, deactivated, uninstalled, reinstalled and the problem is still there?

      The rest of the creative suite programs seem to be working fine, it's just indesign....


      Please help!