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    I found a few bugs


      1. SVG

      When i add SVG file 385x225 px and set position x1y1 it looks like Image 385x225 but transform scale = 10%


      In index.edge.js it's look like:

                      id: 'graph',

                      type: 'image',

                      rect: ['-1732px', '-1012px','3850px','2250px','auto', 'auto'],

                      fill: ["rgba(0,0,0,0)",im+"graph.svg",'0px','0px'],

                      transform: [[],[],[],['0.1','0.1']]


      So. File placed like 3850x2250 px looks like 385x225 and if i want to ad same Filters it's works incorrect.



      2. Responsive Scaling


      As an example we take the size of the document to be 800x600


      if the browser window is more than 800x600 (1024x768) then Responsive Scaling works fine


      if the height or width greater than 800x600 (640x768 or 1024x480) Responsive Scaling works properly


      if if the browser window smaller than 800x600 (640x480), we see the white margins around the document


      if we manually resize the browser window while the responsa scaling dynamically changes the size of the document and make it right, even if we made the window size of 640x480...

      but as soon as we update the page leaving a window size of 640x480 you will see the white margins around documents again