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    Premiere / Photoshop Elements - Buy Price




      i bought Premiere + Photoshop Elements 10 in 2012 for 68,90 €! It is a really good program, but in 2013 with new official display driver for nvidia, there is a mistake in the preview window. I hear the sound of my video but the video is not shown in the window.

      I read in the adobe forum about this problem, but there is no solution. So i have to use an older driver.


      Now i looked for Adobe Premier + Photoshop Elements 12. Why the Upgrade Price is 121,77€ ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am the owner of a legal version, that has no solution for the bug and an upgrade costs much more as a full version? It is amazing.


      This price I cannot understand, sorry..... it is amazing...

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          This is not Adobe. Rather user to user.


          Please see Adobe Sales for pricing. But I do have the following observations to make.


          If you are purchasing from Adobe direct and can prove ownership of an earlier version of Premiere Elements, you are eligible for what it call upgraded price rather than Full price. Upgrade and Full give the same product and reflect a price break if you have an earlier version. But, this Upgrade and Full Adobe pricing applies only to product purchased direct from Adobe. If you buy from an authorized reseller, then the price is set by the authorized reseller and that company.


          The following is what I see online for Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Buyer Guide (US)

          Adobe Premiere Elements 12 - Buying guide


          So, the question becomes where did you buy Photoshop Elements 10/Premiere Elements 10 in 2012 (Adobe direct?) and where are you finding the 2014 price for Premiere Elements 12 (Adobe direct?)