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    Using a second blog for a testimonials page

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      I'm building a site for someone who will be purchasing the webMarketing hosting plan so I won't have access to any webApps. To get around this problem, I've created a second blog to be used to manage testimonials. I've created a page and have inserted the following module tag:


              {module_blogpostlist,12775,3 template="/ModuleTemplates/Testimonials/testimonials-list-alt.tpl"}


      The above references the testimonials blog with an ID of 12775 and it points to a custom list layout. When I test though by loading the html page, it shows the default list layout used for blogs under Module Templates and not my custom one.


      I just wondered if anyone could tell me if it's actually possible to use an alternate list and detail layout for a second blog?


      Thanks in advance.

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          I've implemented this and a little video gallery as well using the blogs. Just make sure you are referencing the correct template file and that it's extension is .tpl and not html. You can see a live example here. Testimonials


          Here is a copy of the code I used with pagination as well. You will need this to get the pagination working.




            /* when document is ready */

            $(function() {

              /* initiate plugin */


                containerID: "itemContainer",

             perPage: 4







          <div class="holder">


                  <ul id="itemContainer">

                      {module_blogpostlist,12460,100 template="/ModuleTemplates/WebApps/Testimonials/testimonials-test.tpl"}


                  <hr />

                  <div class="holder">


          Hope this helps

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            Thanks so much for that code. That's exactly what I need and the paging works great. Also the path to the .tpl file was spelt incorrectly which is why it wasn't reflecting correctly.


            Thanks again - I really appreciate it.