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    Image blur/morie


      Images in my doc are all fine no pixelation or blurring at all then for no apparent reason after working on the doc some more and exporting/saving in different formats I go back to the original and the images seem to become pixelated/blurred?!? All images have been scaled and sharpened previous to importing and are fine for a while then suddenly they become unclear any ideas?

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          InDesign only shows a low-res proxy image and never shows all the detail of the images.


          There are three display viewings under View>Display Performance.


          If you're always working in high preview then it may be that it's dragging on the performance of InDesign and it's switching to a lower resolution preview image.


          InDesign is not for viewing images on the screen.


          View the original image to view the clarity of it - or export to a hi-res PDF.


          You can't rely on InDesigns display performance for the quality of the image.

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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Along with this - check the Window>Info dialog box.


            Select an image and make sure that the Effective PPI is high enough for your output.

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              WedWobin Level 1

              Yeah sorry should have mentioned my display is set to high and the effective PPI of the images has not changed they are all roughly between 300-400 and where fine on the first lot of exports but for some reason have now decided to become pixelated. I always export at the highest res with no downsampling and thats when I can tell the images have changed from the original export I made.

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                Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Check the Links panel for any yellow or red icons.


                It's usually an indication that the image needs to up updated or it's missing.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  I've seen something like this in CS4 through CS6, I believe (not used newer versions enough to know about them) when using the horizontal scroll button on my mouse, and occasionally at other times. If it's the same thing, switching to the Hand tool and clicking will redraw the screen.

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                    WedWobin Level 1

                    Yes lots of red question marks! This is definitely a pain the back side, I am guessing its important to keep a clean and up to date links panel no matter what you are creating or how you are exporting? I have to my own embarrassment not paid much attention to the links panel.


                    So indesign when exporting refers to the links to pull the high res images into the doc, is that correct?

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      Yes. Did you do something to move the links so ID doesn't know where they are?

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                        WedWobin Level 1

                        I guess I must have, didn't realise that the document still pulled info from the original images so I often delete the folders with the resized images in (this is probably why I have had the problem before)


                        So I will have to go back resize all images and make sure they are kept safe in a folder until I have completely finished with the documents and the brief is done.


                        Sorry if this is all quite naive of me,  I have never been taught how to use indesign I have learnt the majority myself, being the only creative for a small company it is hard for me to learn new things without someone else who has the experience to bounce off. I really appreciate all you guys on the Adobe communities as its the only way I can learn and progress with these programs.