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    How to make After Effects CC use only physical cores in multiprocessing?

    Alfred K.

      I've been trying to minimize the render time in After Effects CC for 3 days now, by using the same composition and just changing the multiprocessing settings.


      I found the best settings to be:

      Cores that will be used: 12 (out of 24)

      RAM allocation per CPU: 9.4 GB (the availiable RAM for AE is 125 GB)


      the problem I'm having is that re-rendering the same composition doesn't always take the same amount of time.


      After looking at the task manager I noticed that when the rendering time is short, each of the background processes uses more than 7 GB RAM and around 5% CPU.


      And when the rendering time is more than double. 2 or 3 of the background processes use only 160 MB RAM and no CPU at all.


      my guess is that this is due to hyper-threading, which is why I wanna make AE use only physical core, so how do you do that? is it possible? (I guess there was such a feature in CS4 if I remember correctly).



      CPU: Dual 6-cores Xeon

      RAM: 128 GB

      GPU: GTX 760 (with 2GB of VRAM)


      Effects applied on the composition are:



      Brightness and Contrast


      Sorry for my bad English