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    Export photos do not show in library


      Exported photos do not show in library. When I try to export again, a pop up say the files are already in the folder. Using windows explorer, the files are in the correct folder. If I overwrite the files, they do not show in the folders. When I restart LR the files do not show in the folder. Sync folders will bring the files into the folder but I thought that was only for files made by programs outside of LR. I have exported before and did not have to sync folders.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          The default mode of operation is that exported photos are not shown in the Lightroom Library Module.


          If you really want your exports to show in the Library Module (which most people don't do), then you could check the box in the Export dialog box that adds the export to the catalog.


          It's not clear to me why you want this, as in most cases I don't see a good reason to include exports in the Library Module.

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            dhdvt Level 1

            Thanks for the info. I am fairly new to LR. I was exporting to outside of LR before I would put them in a website or have them printed. I have 3 drives. I would not be consistent where I put them and would waste time searching. I am trying to use LR for every thing and now I can tag them or file them and be able to find them at a later time. I do have many exports but I think it will be easier this way.

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              areohbee Level 6

              Consider using publish services for exporting photos bound for websites - there is a feature: "Show Published Photo" which will take you to the exported photo.


              Regular exporting may (or may not) still be more appropriate for printing.. - consider adding a keyword upon export for print. Even if you don't add exports back to catalog, you can use your OS or an external photo app (like ACDSee) for locating those files, if you forget where they are..

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                dhdvt Level 1

                Thanks all for the help. Will surely use a special keyword for exporting.