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    cannot download form


      When I get a notification that there is a form I cannot open it?

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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee

          When you say you get a notification I assume you mean you get an email notification that a form has been submitted is this correct? When you log into your account and open the response table for this form what do you see? Do you have Save Web Form turned on for this form? Can you share a link to your form so I can take a look to see if there is anything I notice about your form?



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            cbailey.ccs.cte Level 1

            Actually, I did not realize the question posted without the rest of the information.  Here we go...


            I am unable to "download responses as pdf form".  I have used the command by both right clicking on the response as well as under the file tab.  I receive a dialogue box stating an error as occurred and "Acobat.com encountered an unexpected error".  I have used the web version and desktop versions of FormsCentral.  Also, I have tried in IE, Firefox, and Google.  I went to two other computers.  One worked and one didn't.  Same network, same browser versions.  All three have Adobe Reader XI and Adobe Acrobat X.  Really confounded about why it didn't work on two computers and did on one.  Any thoughts?

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              cbailey.ccs.cte Level 1

              Ok, I found the solution.  Update Java.  A solution that is so simple but we couldn't find a clue pointing us in that direction.  All good now.