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    Javascript created in LiveCycle getting Disabled in Adobe Pro for Distribution


      HI All,


      I have some script in adobe form created in Livecycle (presubmit event)


      The goal is to get the value of the field in a form:


      here is the code:

      form1.#subform[2].SUBMIT::preSubmit:form - (JavaScript, client)

      this.resolveNode("#event").submit.target = "mailto:myname@email.COM?subject=Filename - " + form1.field1name.rawValue;


      This works fine until I use the distribution function. Once I hit distribute form this code is no longer present and adobe seems to put in a default subject line in the email saying submitting completed form. Can somebody help with why Adobe pro is overriding the code above and if anything can be done to prevent this.


      Thanks so much.