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    Reducing PDF file size




      I have a document I created in InDesign and exported as a PDF. The I optimized the document and then saved as "reduced file size PDF" but the document is still 16.1MB. I need to get the file down to around 5-7MB is there any way to reduce the file size even more? (The document is made all large high quality images, so I'm assuming that's what is making the file so large). Thank you for the help!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          there's generally a direct relationship between image resolution and PDF size when the PDF is image heavy, and reducing the resolution using the PDF optimizer can have dramatic results. Vectors, unfortunately, don't reduce in size.

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            JohnnyBryan Level 1

            Is the PDF optimizer the same as Optimizing the PDF in Acrobat? Because I did do that and it took the file from 106MB to 17MB which is great. However, I still need to shrink it down further so that I can send it out in a mass e-mail? Will I need to go in and resave all of my images as lesser quality JPEGs and then re place them all in the InDesign file?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Yes, same thing, and no, don't change the images in ID. Run the optimizer again and click the Audit Space Usage button to see where most of the size is coming from. If it's in images, you can reduce the resolution down to 100-150 ppi and and reduce the jpeg quality to medium and still look good on screen and get a decent print from an office printer. You can also check off everything  in the discard user data and cleanup tabs (but be sure you leave fonts embedded).


              You should compare the quality of re-running the same PDF against running it on a fresh export with the same settings.

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                JohnnyBryan Level 1

                That brought the file size down a lot and saved me a ton of time - thank you very much for all the help, think my file is ready to go now. Much appreciated!

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                  Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                  A mass email of even 1 MB is too big and could cause major annoyance (especially for people on cellphones or why pay for bandwidth). Always put the PDF on a web site and mail out a link or teaser.