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    Button Trouble

      Pretty new to flash but I'm getting there, Just a quick question for a problem I'm Stuck On.
      I Want to make a Portfolio in flash for a project I've been given. I've made the menu and the buttons but i need to be able to click the buttons to take you to different frames with the different pages on. I'm stuck on the script for how to do this though. Can anyone help please?
      Thank You,
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          Hey Paul.

          Give your buttons each an instance name in the property inspector. - buttonOne_btn or something like that....

          create a new layer with a keyframe on the first frame- go to your actions panel and add something like:

          buttonOne_btn.onRelease = function () {

          where the (3) just put the frame number you want to advance to... If you have timeline animations that you want to play when you get to that frame- then instead use gotoAndPlay.