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    Exporting list boxes to PDF

    John Bruins Level 1

      I am trying to create a form that has two drop-down (list)boxes. One of them contains five choices, the other 52 (state abbreviations, etc.). I can get the smaller of the two to work just fine, but the other just displays a small square with an X. I have checked all the settings, and they are all identical. The font size is 10 pt and the boxes are 14 pt high. Going between the two boxes, I cannot see any difference in the settings. Is there something about putting so many choices in the list that creates problems? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          John Bruins Level 1

          I ended up finding the answer I needed. The problem was that I was using a list box from InDesign when I should have been using a combo box. The reason the list box did not work (I believe) was because the length of the entries in the box exceeded the length of the page. It seems that a combo box allows this, while a list box does not. If anyone else is having a similar problem, try using a combo box instead.