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    How do I re-register CS5?


      Adobe won't let me re-install CS5 on a new system after a hard crash. My CS5 was properly registered. I still have emails documenting serial #, and help Adobe provided in the past. I know that CS5 is no longer supported. I don't need support, just let me use what I purchased! in 2011! My system is Vista (32bit). I have the original download file and it loads fine. It tells me the serial # is valid, but that the (upgrade) qualifying program is not on my system. It is Pagemaker 6.0. I can't reregister PM6 because it wants a dial-up modem. What can I do?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You can usually give the installer the serial number for PM, or load the installer disk for it, and it will continue.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            If after doing that, you still can’t get it installed, contact Adobe. They should still be helping with installation issues such as this.




            If not, get a case number and let us know.

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              JMRW1P Level 1

              Thank you for trying to help. I had already contacted Adobe and they recommended the forum. I had already tried the suggestions from the forum and nothing worked. However, after many hours of fussing between the copy on my old hard drive and the new installation, I got it to work.


              Now, here's my gripe. I understand making it difficult for people to copy software, but it seems so counterproductive! That keeps honest people from copying it. Dishonest folks copy it anyway. I could easily have obtained an illegal copy. I wouldn't do that, but I was tempted! I had a legal copy that I couldn't use. How frustrating!


              Thanks for listening to my gripe. And, cheers; my legal copy is working again. (Only because I've been involved with computers since "Altair" days." Remember them?")