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    Why doesn't Lightroom render these JPEGs like every other viewer?


      I'm new to Lightroom 5. To learn I tried to take an old photo and improve it in the Develop module. I exported the results but the color cast is different in every other JPG viewer and browser from what I see in Lightroom. Even after adding the export to the Lightroom library and opening it in Lightroom it continues to look like what I had Developed, rather than what I see in any other viewer. Why is Lightroom rendering images with different colors from everything else?


      In the export settings I've tried both the sRGB and AdobeRGB (1998) colorspaces with the same results.  The embedded color profile is listed by other viewers as "sRGB IEC61966-2.1".  Although frankly I would prefer not to use ICC/embedded color profiles at all.


      Here is the original, followed by the developed image export as seen in Lightroom (via screenshot), and then the same image viewed everywhere else:


      Developed and viewed in Lightroom (screenshot), including exported and reimported:


      Developed Export in any other viewer: