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    How to handle small images e.g icons


      I'm developing iPhone apps and when I design the icons in either photoshop or illustrator I always have the same problem. When working with very small images like 100px x 100px and smaller it's very hard to get a good resolution of the creation. For example when I make an icon in illustrator with a size of 76x76 the resolution obviously is good in illustrator since it's vector, but when I export the image it's first enlarged. And when I change the size back to 76x76 (using photoshop: image > image size) the resolution sucks. When I try to make the icon in photoshop from the beginning everything I draw gets blurry.

           When designing large icons like 1000x1000 I never encounter this problem neither in photoshop nor illustrator. How am I supposed to do when working with small images?