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    3rd Party Email Application for CF

    Joe S. Level 1
      I know there are 3rd party email applications for CF ... Can anyone point me to them and/or let me know if they have worked better. I'm looking for more power with email (tracking, sending, routing, etc).

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          James74 Level 1
          Its been a couple of years, but I know we had a bidding program written in CF that needed more power such as tracking sending and routing. We have an exchange server, so we were able to use that in conjunction with CF. (Exchange handled
          the emailing instead of coldfusion). Not sure if this is an
          option for you.
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            Joe S. Level 1
            Yeah, that might be to much. Normally, CF will directly send to your mailserver (usually IIS mail services) and if something goes wrong your only options reside in looking at the CF logs if you're logging mail. But I know there are some third party apps that do more tracking/resending then send to your mail server (and or better bulk mail processing). In your case you've just handled it more complexly by using an Exchange Server. That will be overkill for me plus a good amount of time learning and installing (not to mention price tag).

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              Level 7
              Scorpio (CF8) works directly with Exchange wonderfully. I am beta testing it
              right now and wrote an app to manipulate Exchange. Just a FYI.>