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    Windows Update Causing CS6 Photoshop x64 to crash at "Measuring Memory"




           This started on the 28th when we received a batch of Windows updates on our machines. The next day the eight users who have this installed are no longer able to open the 64 bit version of Photoshop. Each time it will get to "Measuring Memory" and then crash with no events in the Event Viewer. I have tried to remove the Windows updates manually with no luck. The only way to get it back to working is to do a System Restore. When doing some troubleshooting I discovered that if I use log in on the workstation that is crashing with my account then Photoshop 64 bit will open for me and get past the measuring memory. So I tried to figure out what relationship photoshop has with the users account and all I found was the users "Settings/Preferences". I had the user log back in and went to the location of that file and removed the 64 bit version. I then opened Photoshop back up and it created a new file but still crashed on measuring memory.


      If you have other suggestions or knowledge of what else is tied to the users account. I should also mention that the 32 bit version works fine on the machine for all the users.


      Thank you for your help.