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    Using ColdFusion and getting “Internal Server Error” instead of ColdFusion error page

    jalmk Level 1

      I'm using IIS7 with Windows Server2008 R2. I have ColdFusion 11 set up and running. Everything seems to work fine except whenever I have a coldfusion error, I get an error message from IIS instead of ColdFusion. I get the generic 500 - Internal Server Error instead of the ColdFusion page telling me what is wrong.


      This is a new installation on an empty server. Nothing else is running on this machine and nothing else has been loaded.


      In the ColdFusion Administrator I have the check boxes for "Enable Robust Exception Information" and "Enable Request Debugging Output" checked.


      If there are no errors on the page, the page works fine. Its just hard to debug when I can't see what's wrong if there is a typo or something.