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    Using JavaScript to Print and Overwrite Active Form Files

    Shawnny Canuck Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have zero knowledge of JavaScript and I am hoping someone can help me
      quickly solve an issue I am having with active forms. I tried using the flatten
      feature in the action wizard but it is not working. I also tried using
      "this.flattenPages()" but I can still edit the fields in my PDF file.
      What I am looking for is a JavaScript command that allows me to overwrite the existing
      PDF file using the PDF printer and overwrite the active form so it is
      finalized. Maybe there is an easier more efficient way to accomplish this? Any
      input or help would be much appreciated. I am using Adobe Acrobat XI
      Pro. Thanks.


      P.S. I realize I can manually selected the Adobe PDF printer and finalize my
      active form that way but I am looking for a one click solution.