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    Linking two pages or to compositions in Edge Animate.


      I have done my whole website with Edge Animate. I have 5 pages or 5 compositions that I would like to link with one another. One is called "index", the other one is "about", the other "contact", etc, etc. I have tried the code <<<< window.open("index.html", "_self"); >>>> but it is not working for me. I guess I am doing something wrong with my files and folders in my computer. Each composition or page has a folder in my computer, and in this folder are all the files made by Edge Animate for that particular composition.


      Can anybody explain me how to link these pages or compositions or projects?

      I guess my question is extremely obvious and easy because I can't find any answer in Google or here in this forum. I am new with Edge Animate.


      Thank you very much to anybody who could help me.


      My name is Alba.