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    What computer is great for After Effects?


      I know the specs for a computer and everything for adobe after effects, i just want to find a computer that has in all in one. or a link to a computer that will run successfully with Adobe After Effects. Someone please help!

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          How about this one:

          HP Proliant DL580 Forum.png

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            AE requires CPU Cores/threads and ram. The X79 workstation with the 6 Core CPU's such as the 4930K or the Xeon E5 V2 chips up to the 12 Core is the ideal configuration for AE. 32GB of ram is the least you want to start with if the CPU is a 6 Core. The more cores the CPU has then the more ram you want. A 12 Core CPU would need 64GB of ram to start with. Keep in mind though that Haswell E and X99 are coming soon. That is the next generation of the workstation and server platforms. Haswell E will introduce DDR4 which will have a large impact on applications in the Adobe suite especially AE. There is will  be an 8 Core CPU in the I7 class as well which is likely to be the ideal processor since it will be unlocked with clock options well over 4GHz.