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    Missing Folder, Nothing in Collections Folder


      Hi there I inadvertly  removed my folder containing my photos listed in the Macintosh HD of Lightroom.  I'm running out of room and was thinking to moving the folder onto my NAS drive (open to suggestion, if this is a good thing to do).  I imported the folder from my NAS drive and see all the folder but nothing in my collection has been populated from that I have been working on. 

      Can someone help with this

      Ok, if this was a dumb move I still have the original folder on the desktop, but I need help getting the collection to sync up

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          dj_paige Level 9

          When you remove photos from Lightroom, you lose the collection information for those photos. You may also lose your develop settings for those photos, depending on what options you have set or what commands you may have issued..


          If you have a recent backup of your catalog file made before this happened, restore that backup catalog and your collections and edits will be in there. Otherwise, the information is gone.


          In the future, never reimport. Never delete photos in Lightroom with the idea of adding them back in later. Instead, move the photos in your operating system and then reconnect in Lightroom via  http://www.computer-darkroom.com/lr2_find_folder/find-folder.htm