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    Can't import or move video files


      I'm unable to import .mov video files from my iPhone 4S. This happens whether I try to import the video directly from my iPhone or if I import it to my Mac using Image Capture.


      • I open Lightroom and click "Import"
      • I check the videos I want to import
      • I click "Import"
      • I receive an error message stating "The selected videos cannot be found."


      If I manually copy the videos to my hard drive and synchronize the Lightroom folder they will appear. However, I am unable to move them.


      When I click a photo it brings up it's right click menu (even though I left clicked it). The same thing happens when I try to click and drag the photo. Here's a screenshot:


      Dropbox - Screenshot 2014-08-07 00.54.33.png


      In contrast, when I click and drag an image it transforms into a tiny thumbnail and I can freely move it into another folder. This doesn't happen with video files.


      I've tried:

      • Boot from Recovery Mode (holding Command+R at boot)
      • Entering Disk Utility
      • Verifying and repairing disk permissions
      • Right clicking my User folder, Get Info, clicking my user permissions and "Apply to enclosed items"


      How can I move my video files into other folders?


      P.S. I'm running:

      • OS X 10.9.4
      • Lightroom 5.6 (retail version)
      • iPhone 4S