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    can't read old ebook


      I bought an e-book in 2004, and I just tried to open the file on a new computer. I get the following message:


      "Errors were encountered in this item"


      Pls help me to figure this out...

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          Machoo Level 1

          I just tried an older version of ADE and I got this message when opening:



          Adobe DRM Error

          System:  7

          State:  4

          Class:  15

          Code:  31

          Message:  Error on response from server.

          Scroll below or view error.log for more details.

          Your Adobe software could not be activated.

          HTTP error on Adobe DRM Activator request.

          Adobe DRM Activator error.

          Client Code:  31 - HTTP Code:  576

          Fault location:  15

          --- end ---