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    So i figured out why my sites wont work in chrome&opera!

    subbbace Level 1

      so i have big problems getting sites to load in certain browsers.

      ive been at it for 2weeks now.but now ive figured out why,i took out all the sound efx mp3 files.


      now my site loads perfect in everysite



      this site below will only work in chrome and safari.

      http://www.trebaltek.ca but still takes long to load sometimes.

      because it still has sound files ill take out later.



      my roycegdesign site,when it had sound it would only work in firefox and safari.

      they both screwed up in opera like crazy with sound.

      you can still see the example of what opera does to my trebaltek site with sound files in it.


      but i desided to take the sound out of my roycegdesign site and vwaaalaaaa ,it finally works in all browser's ive tested.

      im on a mac,so im unable to test it on IE,unless some one dosnt mind letting me know if it works on IE.


      but ya for now on,all sites i make with edge with not include sound files until browsers are able to load them much better in the future.