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    updating flash ESR bumps flash version to 14

    pasqualm Level 1



      I'm deploying flash ESR to my organization and I want to have auto-updating enabled in order to have always installed a version with the last security fixes of flash ESR. In order to do that I downloaded the Extended Support Release from:

      Adobe Flash Player Distribution | Adobe


      and configured a deploy with auto-updates enabled. Auto-updating is working well but it's updating the flash clients to and I want them to stay in the ESR edition of flash ¿Is there any way to configure the updating process so ESR flash is only updated with new ESR versions?



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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hello Pasqual,


          This is expected behaviour.  To keep your organization in the ESR branch via automated updates we recommend hosting the Background Update resources locally and enabling the clients for Background Updates.  When hosting Background Updates locally the Flash Player is updated silently when an update is available and the users will not be presented with the Update Notification dialog window.  Hosting Background Updates locally does require you to obtain the resource file and posting it to your internal server whenever a new Flash Player version is released. 

          Information on hosting the ESR Background Update resources is available on page 20 of (the current) Flash Player Administrator's Guide posted at Adobe Flash Player Administration Guide for Flash Player 14 | Adobe Developer Connection.  Other methods of keeping your organization on the ESR branch is to disable updates and distribute Flash Player via Group Policy, Active Directory, or SCUP catalog distribution.  All of these distribution methods are outlined in Chapter 3 of the Guide.