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    Character Rig - Arm Rotation Affect Body?


      Hi this my first post here so hope im in the right place. This may be a lengthy post but would really appreciate any help.

      Ive recently been looking at character animation in ae and am using duik for rigging, however i have a question and was wondring if someone could help me.

      Im used to rigging characters in 3d software and have rigged 2d characters in these softwares before, however i have seen many people make these 2d rigs in ae and wanted to give it a try.

      Im trying to figure out how to animate a character from an angle, so ive split up the character into pieces, arm, body etc, so motion on the arm mesh dosnt overlap and distort the body.

      The setup and animation seem fairly straight forward, however because the pieces are on seperate layers, when parenting say the top of the arm to the body, due to the nature of parenting any rotation coming from the top of the arm wont affect the body itself, which is fine for flat shaded characters, but not ok for more realistic motion.

      Here is a good example of what i mean:


      Here you can see the arm in the foreground is on a seperate layer to the body, so its motion wont affect the triangle mesh on the body. However where the arm connects to the shoulder, its rotation is influencing the body layer under it, as you would expect.


      In my screen shot here you can see my point, the rotation of the arm joint is independant and has no effect on the body mesh:


      So my question is how can i make the rotation of the arm affect the body mesh, and make the rotation natural?

      In 3d software i could paint weights that say as the shoulder joint rotation affect the body mesh also, but only in the shoulder area.


      Sorry for the long post, hope someone can help here.