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    What is the best way to migrate duplicateMovieClip to AS3?


      In our project, we have seperate controller file for all the code and seperate for graphical assets. I mean, they both generate seperate swf files. Controller actually load the graphical assetts by Loader. I am still using Flash9 preview, as it will take a couple of days to get licences for CS3.
      The problem is, I have a movie clip inside the graphical assetts file, and it used to duplicate just fine in flash 9. Now I also gave it a a class name ItemMC and exported for action script. But it is giving me this error.

      ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable ItemMC is not defined.

      while doing this

      var item_mc:MovieClip = new ItemMC();

      I also tried using getQualifiedClassName and getDefinitionByName using the existing instance of ItemMC, but it didn't work either. It was returning the right class name of ItemMC but it is still not instantiable. Any suggestions?