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    Basic Photo correcting steps. Lightroom or photoshop?

    kg_himself Level 1

      Hi all. I recently took a high quality photo that I want to use as my professional picture. So I want to edit it and touch it up to be just right.


      I am in no way a photographer. I am a graphic designer and very familiar with Photoshop, however have no experience with light room.


      My question is what basic steps should I do to make my photo edited properly?


      Can I do this in photoshop or should I be using lightroom?


      If it is lightroom how can I do this?


      Thank you in advanced!

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          thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Do as much work as possible in Lightroom on the raw data. Simple as that. That would mean all the heavy lifting in terms of global tone and color work, then as much localized corrections as you can do comfortably. At some point, you just need a precise pixel editor like Photoshop. Yes, LR has a 'clone' tool but it's really useful for easy to deal with issues (dust spots on a sensor for example). Really precise work, what some call retouching, that's a job for Photoshop. Content aware fixes too.


          It is often recommended to work top down in terms of the controls although you can really work in any order you wish. Fix the big issues first (for example, tone and color casts).