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    AE CC 2014 Corrupted and Glitched frames when rendering to Quicktime


      Ever since upgrading to the newest version of After Effects, I've been getting corrupted and glitched frames when rendering videos with a Quicktime holder.  My normal workflow is rendering the video straight out of AE, but it also happens when rendering with Adobe Media Encoder, or even while using the "BG Renderer" script for AE that renders from the terminal.  It happens whether I have multiprocessing enabled or not.


      The corruption differs depending on what codec I'm using, but in the Cineform Codec it shows up as green frames:

      Image 1.png


      On DNxHD they show up as Red frames (don't have a screencap of this one but you get the idea).


      Using the QT Animation Codec they show up as static or distortion:

      Image 2.png


      I have not found a codec that does not become corrupted when encased in the QT holder.  Image sequences render out fine, and Cineform with an AVI holder renders out fine.


      Even more strangely, I can fix the problem if I link the AE composition to Premiere, then render the QT file out through Premiere itself.  The fact that Premiere calls and renders the Comp fine but AE does not, makes me think this is a bug in AE's treatment of Quicktime rather then a driver/system incompatibility on my end.  But I'm certainly willing to try any suggestions the community might have for me =]



      Windows 7 64-bit

      AMD Firepro V7800

      AMD Phenom II X6 1090T

      16 GB RAM

      Rendering to a local drive

      Fully Updated AE

      Latest version of Quicktime