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    Flash Streaming Video Problem

      I am trying to publish my video collection on my website (sort of like YouTube, but on small scale). I am using Flash 8, progressive download and one of the video templates posted here:
      The problem is that the examples above work fine with small videoclips (30 sec long), but don't work when I replaced the samples with 10-15 min long video footage. There are 5 buttons pointing to 5 different FLV files. First movie starts automatically. When I stop the video in the middle, the download continues in the background. Then when I repeat the same steps with second control button, and I try to start third clip, the player freezes. Actually entire page gets jammed. I can't open any other hyperlinlink on the page etc.
      Is it a way to write actionscript to stop the download stream in the middle? I believe that's my problem. I started 2 video streams
      that continue to run in the background, and the third one can't even get initiatied, because my internet connection dropped to 0.
      Is there a better way of implemeting small website with bunch of links pointing to different Flash files (15-30 min long)?

      Thanks in advance, Mark
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          MotionMaker Level 1
          1. This is not streaming video. This is progressive download video and the Flash player loads a file from a server, downloads continuously and progressively plays when enough content is available on the local drive. For streaming video, rent a Flash Media Server service. A good link for Flash video is Flash Developer Center - Flash Video. See the article there "Delivering Flash Video: Understanding the Difference Between Progressive Download and Streaming Video".

          2. Progressive download of large files can have many bottlenecks and one you may not realize is the web server especially if shared. It can hiccup and cough causing the Flash play to pause a progressive download video.

          3. Breaking up videos into smaller units is the best way to go for an interactive project. For playing longer videos, best to host on a streaming service.

          4. Not sure about the article since it dates to MX2004. Look at using the FLV Playback component in Flash 8 Pro and encoding your video with the Flash 8 encoder and for the Flash 8 player. Look at the "Capturing and encoding Flash video" links at the Flash Developer Center - Flash Video.

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            mkoz Level 1
            Thanks a lot for the clarification and the links.

            >>For streaming video, rent a Flash Media Server service
            Where can I find the info about renting a Flash Media Server service?
            In order to do that, do I need to change the web hosting company?
            Any idea how much does it cost per month (roughly)?
            - Mark
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              MotionMaker Level 1
              No you do not have to change anything. All you do is point the NetConnection object or FLVPlayback component to the link for the FMS hosing service where you will place your videos. Very nice indeed.

              I use Influxis. I find the service fine, support via forums good and the free applications handy. I selected them mostly because they had the package combination that met my needs and since found them reliable and acceptable.

              However there are other vendors like MediaTemple that have a good reputation and they have regular hosting if you need that. But like I said you can keep your own hosting as I do.

              I think a list is maintained at FlashComGuru and possibly you will find some vendors listed at the Adobe link I posted. Some vendors are geared towards large streaming needs.

              Pricing depends on your bandwidth requirements, number of connections, storage needs, and monthly bandwidth allowance. But you can get it as low as $10US per month shared prices to dedicated prices. In my case the service needs is for demonstration of capabilities and so I found Influxis Nitrous package with quarterly payments the deal for my needs.

              Also you can have a developer's version of FMS on you own computer for fun.
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                mkoz Level 1
                Thanks for the info Lon.
                It seems that renting a Flash Media Server service is a way to go for me.
                $10 per month is a reasonable price.
                Thanks again for all your help.
                - Mark