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    Animation export problem


      I am using CS5 to make a simple animation to use in gif form. When I play it in CS5 it looks fine , when I open the Save for Web and Devices menu and play it there it looks ok , but when I use the Preview button in that menu it goes wrong , the images all pile up and the final image shows all the previous images. This is how it looks in the gif that I save from that menu too. Is there an obvious reason for this?



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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sounds like the bleed through is due to image transparency.  Try saving your GIF without transparency and then preview in browsers.



          Nancy O.

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            revilo Level 1

            Hi and thanks for the speedy reply . I actually want a transparent gif at

            the end , sorry , should have mentioned that. I can draw a series of

            transparent layers and that works ok , the problem comes when I import a

            gif or movie drawn using Pencil . It may be connected with the way it

            creates both Frames and Layers in the Layers palette , I'm not sure. As I

            say , it looks fine playing it in CS5 , and one time I managed to correct

            it but have no idea how I did it , and have not been able to repeat that.

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              revilo Level 1

              Problem solved , there were both layers and frames in the layers palette , same number of each when I loaded a gif from another source , or due to my following some option I thought I should do , like Flatten Frames into Layers. When I deleted all the Layers in the Layer Palette and just left the Frames there , it works fine. I think there are other problems with importing gifs from other apps though , , maybe I'd be better off just working from scratch in Photoshop.

              Thanks to Nancy O for responding